About Us

Cant Use up CreativityAt id8. I believe that innovative thinking can bring growth and diversity to all businesses. It can also be Fun, Creative and Rewarding!

I have a background in Project Management, Start-up Consultancy, Marketing, Information Technology, Management Consultancy and Construction.

Yes, I dont like to be silo’ed into a single sector, bring the knowledge gained from one to benefit another.

I have mentored many Entrepreneurs who shied away from business problems and showed them how to use their creativity to solve them. The most important thing I do is help people make the leap: Breaking through self-judgement and becoming a creatively confident, idea generating machine.

But while creativity can be inspiring I also know that it must be focused if it is to provide value. My focus is on the concept Design Thinking. Design Thinking is human-centred – in other words we empathise first with the customer, find out what they need, brainstorm a solution and then prototype and test until we have a product that is feasible and desired by the customer.

“This module was extremely inspiring for participating entrepreneurs and was well received due to the module delivery and the dynamic way of thinking instigated by the trainers. Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership would incorporate their creative training practices into future entrepreneurial programmes “

Fiona Descoteaux,Ballymun Whitehall Partnership