Where Ideas Come From: Be a visitor!….

When you travelled to work this morning, assuming it’s a route you’ve taken regularly, what did you notice? Did you see the people? Did you notice the beautiful Georgian architecture or wonder about the inhabitants of the 1970s concrete office tower? Chances are your route is so familiar that you really don’t notice anymore. Our […]

World Design Capital 2014

The City of Cape Town intends to use the World Design Capital (WDC) for 2014, WDC opportunity to take a critical look at how well we employ design and design thinking in their city operations. “What has emerged is that design thinking has been and is used very effectively in many projects and processes. During […]

Crazy Idea

What do you think about this business idea: You sell disassembled furniture in small pieces, which the customers have to transport home and then have to assemble them by themselves. Does this sound like a great idea? If you think that this is not a good idea ask Ingvar how he got rich! If you […]

Innovation Audit

What are Innovation Audits? •They are an in-depth analysis of different aspects of an organisation’s current innovation capabilities, procedures and processes, examining key indicators, determining strengths and weaknesses; •The results of the audit will highlight barriers to innovation, as well as identify improvements or new methods to maximise innovation capabilities. What are the Benefits of […]

Using Disruption to achieve Growth

Following on from the my post recently, about what is your passion and your vision, unless you as a business entity do something different or has a differential approach to that of  your competitors, you will be swallowed up in the medium of blandness. Companies need to have a clear vision of why they are […]