Business Model

A business model is the story of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. Storytelling is how we create emotional connections to any business model idea and a critical capability for all innovators. Stories can change the world.

The essense of any story is the background in the preperation for the story, and the delivery of this.

Each organisation that creates something of value, remembers the story of its success, this is how we remember with passion our team work to solve the issue. The team shares its success, the methods, the reasons, their passion, the beliefs that they had to accomplish the challenge.

  • The story, can help you to understand all aspects of the business model challenges that were addressed.
  • The history allows you to verify that all aspects of the business model are consistent with each other.
  • This creates a sense of bond between all involved, they tacked the challenge and each understand the business model.

We all use stories, from our earliest memories, to ancient fables to convey our journey and bring the listener along with us, they share our footsteps. They no longer are observers, but active participants with us. If we look back and walk through the moments that we remember, we consider that what happened build what we are today. It’s our history and our story.

With the understanding of a business model, we start at looking at the past, and these thoughts dont always ariese in the same way. There are times when we look favourably at events, and other times we have negative thoughts.

Business Models, by their nature, give us a road map for the future based on the events of prior experiences, we cannot avoide them, but use them as a springboard for our story. Good experiences should be encourage, bad ones understood and not repeated.

Tell the story of the future is a matter that should be present in the leaders of the organizations that have the purpose of innovation. But it is not a a discipline held in schools where analysis and synthesis occupy the most of our area of reasoning.

Our business is to help others to understand their business model, help you to adopt best practice from our experiences. You are passionate about your enterprise, we help to put all the elements together. We use the Business Model Canvas to map out your business process, your value chain, revenue and cost stream.

We appreciate your thoughts on our thoughts