Human Centred Food: Addressing

Once you have finished the interpretation and meaning stages of new product development you can then define a new vision for your product or product family. Truly human-centred innovators do not create marketing strategies in the traditional sense. Rather, the make proposals to their customers that define a vision for their product or services. This […]

Human Centred Food: Interpreting

The next stage of the design-thinking process is interpretation. Rather than engage directly with consumers, Verganti advocates building a network of interpreters. These interpreters are specialists in identifying meaning in products and also identifying how the consumer lives, how they feel and what challenges they face. Interpreters can come from anywhere and this is where […]

Human Centred Food: Meaning

To create incremental change, it has often been the habit of innovators to observe the customer; to look at how they use the product. This can aloe the observers to create new packaging or new features that will make the customers lie easier, thereby making the product a no.1 choice. If an observer is watching […]