Are we all creative at heart?

Are we all creative at heart, yes I believe in that.  The prowess of one person’s creative ability to another person is always subjective. Creation could be art, food, design, spoken word, visual, auditory, or any of the 5 sense that we have. Is one person’s trash another person’s creative power. Sometimes I think of […]

Time to Create Part 2

My continued journey on the overhaul of the fishing boat. Part One 2014 – My local timber yard sourced & supplied to approximate size 22ft 3″x1 1/2″ lengths of larch and white oak for the seats and all internal timber. I gathered all the necessary equipment that I thought I would need Timber, G-clamps, […]

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

    “It’s great to sit on the shoulders of giants, but don’t let the giants sit on your shoulders. There’s no room for their legs to dangle!” Stephen Nachmanovitch I love this quote. I recently came across it in the excellent book “The Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry. It seems a little absurd at […]