Generation of Ideas, where to begin

Generation of Ideas, where to begin

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, reframe the problem or challenge. True creativity is in how you see problems not your ideas, change your view point, you can change the nature of the problem

So you have a desire to be an entrepreneur, self employed, working for yourself, from being chief coffee maker to sales manager and more besides.

Have you been-

  • Banging your head off the wall trying to come up with a business idea, the next big thing.
  • You don’t have a clue of what kind of business to you want to start?
  • Drawing blanks on what you wish to do?
  • Or you know a sector you want to work in, but have no way to stand out from the crowd?

 So where to start?

There are many smart people who have potential, but no focus to what they want to do. How to start an business with no direction, there are methods to address this,

We can help you with you

I remember reading Theo Paphits, Enter the Dragon, and the one thought that I took from it was  ‘he never had an original idea, observed his surroundings, modified other’s ideas, worked on them a little, and adapted them.’

You don’t have to invent the next computer, Iphone, or be a genus like Enstein, Eddison had a team of 14 staff working with him to create his new inventions, we all believe that he worked alone, think again.

 You are your inspiration

You have all the tools you need to generate ideas, and help is always available to get an idea from conception through to incubation and onwards to business launch.

You need to consider these questions, both individually and with a team of friends & family who will give honest advice, and have ability to say ‘lets think about it in more detail’ and perhaps to stand up to you.

  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • Can you turn a hobby from a passion into an idea?
  • How much knowledge have you on a topic?
  • When people turn to you for advice, what topics are these on?

Once you have your idea, be passionate, if you can bore your friends to death about your business idea, then you are on the road.

You must have an idea that you really believe in, and determined that you have to make it work. Don’t let that one get away.

You have to be passionate about you….

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