Innovation Audit

What are Innovation Audits?

•They are an in-depth analysis of different aspects of an organisation’s current innovation capabilities, procedures and processes, examining key indicators, determining strengths and weaknesses;
•The results of the audit will highlight barriers to innovation, as well as identify improvements or new methods to maximise innovation capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Innovation Audits?

•The audit enhances the company’s innovation capability;
•It identifies opportunities for increasing innovation;
•It clarifies where the organisation needs to focus to maximise innovation success;
•It embeds innovation in the company’s processes;
•The audit can build on individuals’ creativity to be innovative;
•It can identify and control the barriers that stifle creativity and innovation;
•It fosters innovation in the organisation’s culture;
•It can align the organisation in common purpose and action.

The innovation audit framework typically review five main areas:

Organisational Innovation

An Organisational Innovation is the implementation if a new method in business practices, management hierarchy or workplace organisation. Organisational Innovation typically is broken down into Leadership/Strategy, People and Place.

 Product Innovation

A Product Innovation is the introduction of a new or improved product. The improvement can be functional, technical, relating to components or materials, or it might relate to user friendliness.

Process Innovation

A Process Innovation is an improvement in production or delivery. This may involve changes in technique or technology to improve efficiency or reduce costs. It may also involve changes to supply chain or distribution.

Marketing Innovation

A Marketing Innovation may involve new markets or a change in packaging, advertising, product design or pricing.

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