Innovation, creativity and idea generation

Innovation, creativity and idea generation. We have prepared a series of workshops to assist established organisations to understand the current status of the company, to open their minds and explore new avenues & ideas and develop a plan for the future. The long term aim of these sessions is to encourage participants to appreciate the […]

Why is Business Model Innovation so important?

Why is Business Model Innovation so important? Most companies have teams dedicated to product innovation and corporate development. Few recognise that the vast majority of new wealth comes from new business models, rather than from new products within existing business models. There is, of course, an overlap: product innovation often leads to new business models […]

Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation Organisation challenges and business realities, organisations recognise that need change or need to address these challenges. To drive B.M.I. you need to enable your business to change the way it operates, in a manner that cuts across functions, departments and silos. Business Model Innovation – this is rewiring the organisation, the way […]