Innovation, creativity and idea generation

Innovation, creativity and idea generation. We have prepared a series of workshops to assist established organisations to understand the current status of the company, to open their minds and explore new avenues & ideas and develop a plan for the future. The long term aim of these sessions is to encourage participants to appreciate the […]

Innovation Management

Can you define? What business you are in? What environment you are operating in? The Challenge: The cycle begins with a problem or a goal that needs to be achieved; this is formulated into an innovation challenge. This is presented to a group or team to solve this task, or generation of possible solutions. This […]

Ideas are King

Ideas are king when it comes to separating successful companies from failures. The ability to innovate, create and think differently is paramount to setting your company ahead of the rest. A  company that creates and exploits, in parallel, will yield competitive advantage. Yet the flow of innovation and creativity is needed. Flow is equal to […]