Time to Create Part 2

My continued journey on the overhaul of the fishing boat. Part One http://id8.ie/time-to-create/ 2014 – My local timber yard sourced & supplied to approximate size 22ft 3″x1 1/2″ lengths of larch and white oak for the seats and all internal timber. I gathered all the necessary equipment that I thought I would need Timber, G-clamps, […]

Time to Create

“All Work and no play makes jack a dull boy” People frequently comment that if you enjoy your work, then it feels no longer like work. Working as a consultant with startups, micro and sme(b) business in Ireland,  I often see the translation of enjoyment of a hobby into potential self employment and to the […]

Failure is an option, dust your self off and start again

Characteristics common to innovators and in most cases Entrepreneurs: Innovators are curious about what is happening in a myriad of disciplines, not only their own specialism Innovators are open to third-party experiments with their products They recognise that a useful innovation must be “robust”, flexible and adaptable Innovators/Entrepreneurs delight in spotting a need that we […]