What’s Your Vision?

What’s Your Vision?

Answer these simple questions with five words or a short statement for each.

1.    What do you want most out of life? e.g. to be happy and feel fulfilled

2.   What do you want to see happen in the world? e.g. peace happiness

3.   What makes you special? e.g. my energy, drive and enthusiasm, ability to inspire and motivate others

4.   What things can you do/are you capable of doing right now? E.g. writing, public speaking, coaching.

Now write this statement as follows:

I will… (Choose one answer from 4), using my…. (answer from 3), to accomplish….. (answer from 2), and in so doing achieve…. (answer from 1).

Example { I will write and speak using my ability to inspire and motivate to accomplish peace and happiness and in so doing achieve happiness and fulfilment.}

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